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15 Ways Michael Jordan Spend His Billions.


Michael Jordan is undoubtedly the greatest NBA player of all time who retired in 2003 amassing a wealth of up to $90m. But after his retirement, Michael Jordan went on to create a lucrative career for himself which skyrocketed his net worth to over $1.6b presently. 

With such an amount of wealth, he can buy almost anything he wants to buy which is why we are going to be looking at some of the things the GOAT (Greatest Of All-Time) spends his money on.

Real estate

Michael Jordan has 4 luxurious multi million-dollar Mansions across America, one in Utah, one in Chicago, and two in Charlotte.

1. Chicago property.

The Chicago property sits on 56,000 square feet of land and is worth about $19m. It features 9 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms, a tennis and basketball court, an infinity pool, and a cigarette room.

2. Utah property.

The Utah property is a 5-bedroom 3 story mansion in Park City Utah which he owns for over 12 years. It has been on the market since 2019 for $7m.

3 & 4. Charlotte properties

Photo: Michael Jordan 7th floor condo in Charlotte

His first property in Charlotte North Carolina is a seven-floor condo that is situated on 7,000 square feet. The second property in North Carolina is situated on a 10,000 sq ft which he acquired in 2013 for $2.8m

Photo: Michael Jordan's second Charlotte property worth $2.8m


5. NASCAR team.

Michael Jordan owns a NASCAR team called 23XI and also his Nike Air Jordan line which generated up to $4b annually and his cut being a little over $150m annually.

6. Tequila investment.

Photo: Michael Jordan and his tequila investment group

In 2019, Michael Jordan join 4 other investors to start their own tequila business called Cincoro tequila.

7. Charlotte hornets shares.

Michael Jordan has a 97% share in the Charlotte hornet basketball team which he purchased in 2010 which is now valued at over $1.5b.

8. 1000 North Jupiter restaurant.

Michael Jordan spent his money to become the founding partners of the 1000 north restaurant in Jupiter, Florida. This restaurant is an exclusive and exotic restaurant that serves lunch, brunch, and dinner and can even help you to host special events.

The restaurant has an appealing Waterview sight and even a members-only club lounge where membership is strictly by invitation and is said to cost 3,500 dollars per year. He also owns three more steakhouses in Chicago, Connecticut, and Washington.

9. Dapper labs investments.

In March of 2019, Michael Jordan Joined a $305m investment alongside other celebrity investors like Kevin Durant, 2 Chainz, and Will Smith. This investment is based on Dapper Labs, which is the startup behind the virtual trading-card platform NBA Top Shot.

10. Golf course.

In 2019, Michael Jordan launched his golf course called Grove XXIII also known as the slaughterhouse. This golf course has some exotic features such as drone delivery service and other delivery services to the club's exclusive members.


11. Exotic private yacht called 'Joy'.

In 2019, Michael Jordan surprises his fans when he acquired a whopping $80m yacht which he named 'Joy'. The yacht has an outstanding five decks including an office, a Masters bedroom and bathroom, 12 VIP rooms, and a basketball court on the 4th deck. There are also private chefs to serve him and his guests whichever dish they wanted.

12. Customized superyacht charter.

Michael Jordan regularly hires a superyacht which goes by the name 'Mr Terrible' whenever he wants to go fishing. And charter world claims that it cost around $175,000 for just a week on that yacht.

13. His car collections include Mclaren Mercedes SLR 722, Bugatti Veyron sang Noir which both cost an estimated $3m.

14. Private jet.

Michael Jordan owns a customize Gulfstream G550 private jet worth over $61.5m including the customization cost. He also ensure that the number of his championship titles, his Jersey number, and his initials were featured on the body of the plane. This particular private jet is very luxurious as its cabin can host up to 19 passengers with sleeping space for 8.

15 Charity.

As the richest athlete of all time, Michael Jordan sure does some charity works just like the 20 million dollars he donated to anti-racism and social justice groups in 2020. He also donated $2m for hurricane flood relief efforts and $7m in 2019 for the building of two medical centers in Charlotte's

It's obvious that Michael Jordan has a very good sense of investment; restaurants, planes, sports teams, real estate, and cars, but those are the ones we know as there may be others we don't know about. So which of the Michael Jordan assets will you like to have for yourself?

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