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2 Things That Will Never Change About White Money.


Hazel Oyeye, popularly known as White Money has been trending online since he won the BBN show. 

After he reportedly won the 90 million naira, a lot of things seems to have changed about his lifestyle. 

He is now being seen as a celebrity, and he has been able to meet with a lot of popular individuals. 

However, after going through most of his activities, I have noticed some things that have not changed about him since he won the 90 million.

 In this article, I would be sharing with you 2 things that did not change about White Money after he won the 90 million.

1) His fashion style:

White Money is obviously one of the best dressed male housemates in the recently concluded BBN show. 

He was known for changing his hairstyles and putting on a lot of classy wears especially during the friday night parties.

However, after the show ended, White Money's fashion style didn't change. His amazing fashion sense never goes unnoticed. 

White Money has been to different media rounds and places, and the way he appears to these events always gets the attention of people.

2) His confidence and conviviality:

The manner at which a person interacts with people is something that can make such a person stand out.

 While White Money was in the BBN house, he exuded a high level of confidence that made a lot of people respect and like him. 

He was also known for being friendly with a lot of housemates. After the show, he has had several interactions with his fans and people of high calibre. 

It is obvious that his level of confidence didn't drop even after the show.

 White Money interacted well with his fans and during his interaction with some popular people he came off as a very likable person.

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